Cousins, Nephews and Uncles

We had visitors today and Jimmy couldn't have been happier.
Two of Jim's brothers and his nephew and great nephews came over to ride dirt bikes, play basketball and have a bbq. The Doodle loved being outside watching it all and being a part of the excitement. I'm not sure what it is about visitors but it makes the Doodle poop. He did three grumpers today. I'm going to take that he must be comfortable around them...

Our Little Doodle




Ryan and Corey

Tim and Jim

So there was riding and playing and eating and a lot of male bonding taking place here today. Where we live, kind of out in the country I guess you might say, we don't have many neighbors with kids Jimmy's age for him to play with. The only time he gets a play date is if we bring someone home after school.

So this was a nice way to spend a Sunday. The brothers all live pretty close and he likes it when he sees them even though it's not that often because of everyone's busy lives.

Where does the time really go?

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