A Shot in the Dark

We've been so lucky. The Doodle has only been sick once since last February when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Prior to the surgery, he was always sick...cough, sore throat, runny nose. He was on so many antibiotics as a baby I thought for sure his body became immune to them and they just weren't working.

The Doodle came home sick from school today. Preschool is great but this is the first time he's been out and around any other kids besides Jimmy. Now he is touching and breathing millions of new germs 4 days a week. It's so irritating to me that parents send their children to school sick. There should be a fine for parents who send their kids to school like that. They should be called back to school to pick them up, but first stoned and lambasted in the quad and it filmed so that it can be put on Youtube.

When the Doodle gets sick, the seizure activity goes up. In our house, fevers = seizures in our already seizure prone child. The problem with seizures is that they feed off themselves, the more seizures your brain has, the more it's going to have. They multiply like spores and they mirror each other. So if you start with seizures on one side of the brain, the other side begins to copy it and then you have a chain reaction. I'm crossing my fingers and saying prayers that this cold or flu does not trigger the seizures to start back up again--Because we seemed to have finally gotten them under control for now, through medicine, luck, prayer or some kind of anti-seizure miracle.

So even with washing the hands and spraying large amounts of this:

And wiping things down with these

He's still sick. Cough, runny nose, dark circles, sleeplessness, low grade fever. Actually, both boys are sick. Which means, we're (Jim and I) probably going to get it. I wish I could send the Doodle to school in one of these:

I could spray it down with Lysol before he left for school and it might help. It would serve another purpose by protecting him in case of a seizure too. My little Epileptic Knight in Shining Armour.
I'm listening to and reading about so many different reports and perspectives on whether to get a flu shot or not. Personally, I've never ever had one. Beside hating shots, I could not fathom purposely injecting myself with a flu virus to fight the flu virus. I know there is a method to the madness and this is supposed to work but I still can't wrap my tiny brain around it. What bothers me is how do they know which Flu virus is going to be coming around each year ahead of time in order to inject you with the right one? I get it if they have a vaccination for the Swine Flu H1N1 but if they are just injecting with you a best guess for the flu in general, I think it's a little risky. What are the odds you are going to get THAT flu? And I hear that so many people get sick right after getting the flu shot anyway.
Vaccinating the Doodle is a hard subject for me. He has had almost all of his vaccinations. But, I stopped vaccinating him after he began having seizures last January. I just could not put another potentially harmful toxin into his already sick little body and give his brain one more thing to process and his weak little body something new to deal with. I have been listening intently and reading profusely about the subject of vaccinating. Jimmy had all of his vaccinations...no questions asked. Yes, I can't help but feel that not all kids are created with the same immune system and equipped to handle the same dose and amount of injections. It scares the hell out me. At this point, for me, I think vaccinations are a shot in the dark.

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