Jimmy's Rockin' 10th Birthday!

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Last night was Jimmy's big dance party at our house for his 10th birthday. We had about 30 kids and a DJ. We ordered pizza and had a cake but the highlight of the night was definitely the dancing. Ahem, slow dancing.

Jimmy's in 4th grade and just begining to get interested in girls. He's got a girl friend. Her name is Chandler and last weekend he was her slow dance at her party and she came to his party to be his slow dance last night. It was adorable. They danced a few times and then the other boys got with the program and they were also slow dancing. The party was a huge success. I was a little nervous because I thought what if no one danced? And it was just me and the DJ out there? And all the kids just stared at each other?

But everyone danced. Even some of the parents. And the DJ was AWESOME!

So the girls got all dressed up in pretty dresses and some of the boys wore ties. I made a red carpet and had lights outside and we passed out VIP All Access Passes. Some of the boys had a dance off and were out there getting jiggy with it! We made some cool cds with Jimmy's favorite songs and passed them out at the end as favors for the kids.

It was hard keeping the songs PG. Even the songs on the radio have way too much "adult" content. Jimmy told me afterward that this was the best party he has ever had, which completely made my night. It's so cool how nice all of the kids are to the Doodle Bug. Even the Doodle was out there dancing. He's got some of the best moves.

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