Getting Used to Quiet

Things Not to Say to the New Teacher

Tonight was Back to School Night at Jimmy's school. I got to meet his very nice teacher with the stylish glasses for the first time and check out his classroom. 4th Grade is such a cool grade. It was one of my favorite grades. I had the best teacher, Mrs. Devlin and having a teacher you like makes all the difference in the world on how well you will do in school. We've been really lucky, Jimmy has had some great teachers and so far, he has liked them all.

In his class, he got to write a big newspaper with a real headline story taken from his life...he wrote about the day his dad ran over the ski rope at the lake. And, he wrote about his favorite song, Heartless; his favorite movie, Seventeen Again; his favorite cartoon, Sponge Bob; his hero and all his friends and family. I can't wait to preserve this newspaper...I smell a scrapbooking page coming on.

He also wrote a beautiful little poem:

My Autum Eyes Behold
Burnt orange jack o lanterns on the porch
Dark brown faces under the Harvest Moon
Pitch black costumes on Halloween night
By Jimmy, Age 9

I still can't believe I have two kids in school; at the same time! My mornings have been strange, but nice. Once I make my trips to the school for drop offs I come home and have complete eerie quiet to drink my coffee and work. The house is empty except for the subtle reminders of the presence of our crazy cat.

I'm getting more done in the morning that's for sure. My bed is even getting made. But the 3 hours I have to myself goes by so fast and realizing all I was used to but am now missing:
I'm used to the eeks and screams and laughs of the Doodle Bug filling my morning, even from afar while he's with his nurse.

I'm used to the nice aroma his Depakote filled poopy pants leaves blowing in the wind.

I'm used to hearing things crash to the floor after he has tired of them and decides throwing them would be a good idea from the high chair or even the balcony.

I'm used to watching him, helmet clad, try his damnest to run around with his red Wonder Pets cape flying behind him as his bare feet shuffle on the cold tile floor.

I'm used to him crying when he doesn't get his way.

I'm used to listening to him obsess about wanting to go outside.

I'm used to him playing "slam the door in my face".

I'm used to comforting him after he's fallen down from one of his head drop seizures and kissing it to make it feel better.

I'm used to listening to him refuse to take a nap.

I'm used to being on edge, watching and waiting for a seizure to happen and praying that he will be lucky this time and the aftermath of the fall will not be too bad.

All these things I'm used to, I will just have to get used to in the afternoon instead.

p.s. We are 4 DAYS SEIZURE FREE!!!!!!!!!! I don't know whether to crap or wind my watch. God Bless America.

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