I used to be the task master and would attack my projects from both ends, burning the midnight oil to get things finished. It would kill me to have an unfinished project just sitting. That was before kids; or dare I say, before the Doodle. I was still able to accomplish amazing things with Jimmy, he was a really easy child.

With the Doodle, I feel lucky if I can get a shower or put a bra on. He's not the kind of kid you can sit on the bed, tell him to stay there and turn a cartoon on. He's quick as a whip and will be off the bed, down the hall and out the door before the water has heated up in the shower.

I look around the house (and garage) and I see so many things I had high hopes to finish. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to craft and create but since the Doodle requires so much one on one attention, working on a project is impossible. Waiting for him to go to sleep so I can do something is futile also 1.) because he never sleeps and 2.) because he is such a light sleeper that a sneeze or creek in the bed would wake him up and we'd have to start all over.

That's why this blog is so important to me. It is something I can do every day and finish, albeit my work in progress.

My other projects call to me in a whining kind of voice demanding my attention, they're all rolling around in my already overwhelmed head. Here's some of my unfinished items:

Baby shadow boxes for the boys.

3 months of scrapbooking to catch up on.

Hanging pictures that have still never been hung in 3 years.

Hardware on the Doodle's closet and bedroom door.

Painting the Doodle's bedroom.

Baptizing the Doodle.

Losing weight. (yes, this is an incomplete project)

Posting and selling some crap on Craigslist.


Mixed media art projects.

My closet decorating and chandelier project.

Tending to the overgrowth of the roses.

Recycling the thousands of bottles Jim has stored up in the urns.

Planting something in the urns.

Unread books next to my bed.

Turning some old chairs into planters.

Refinishing table in garage.

Refinishing another table in garage.


So in the midst of all of these incompletes, I still found it necessary to buy this:
Yes, that is a dog purse. And no, I do not have a dog. Just one more incomplete thing barking at me.

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