The Doodle's IEP

This picture is a tiny indicator of how it went today at the IEP Meeting at the School (Independent Education Plan):
The Doodle will be in the medically fragile class and will be the most active, mobile and ADHD of the bunch.

The Doodle will have a one on one nurse assigned to him instead of the Autism Shape Assistant he should have.

The nurse will ride the short bus with him.

The classroom he will be in is for severely medically fragile children. The Doodle is medically fragile when he is having a seizure, otherwise he is primarily autistic.

The Doodle will be the only autistic child in the classroom.

The Doodle will only be receiving 6 hours of Shape (Autism) assistance in the home per week, when he is entitled to receive 15 hours.

Not sure our Shape Assistant is a good match for the Doodle. Only time will tell.

I was told there was no such thing as an "autism" classroom to even put him in...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We still won't have our Betsy.

All I can think of right now as I gulp down my wine is what have I done? Oh. And where is my Costco size bottle of Tylenol PM?

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