1st Day of Preschool

Today was the day we've been anxiously waiting for. The Doodle Bug started Special Ed Preschool today and as proud as I was to watch him go, my heart was breaking a little bit.

It was bitter sweet and I thought the 3 hours would go by a little faster than they did. It was a little bit like watching paint peel. My only comfort is knowing that this is the best thing for him and I feel so much better that he has our trusted nurse, Lou Lou with him. He adores her and I am counting on her to love him while he is there.

I drove him today since the short bus still needs to be scheduled. I walked him to class, stayed for a bit and then inconspicuously left. Lou Lou said he did great! He was a little protective of his pink toy baby stroller that he insisted on bringing...I don't think we'll bring it again. And the best news for the whole day is that he has had ZERO seizures today. So far, so good.

He came home from school and was completely ready for his nap. He's not used to so much activity and excitement. Usually the Doodle is captive in our bedroom stuck on the carpet. I'm hoping this school will be fantastic for his development, social and communicative skills. He shows such potential if we can just get the seizures under control.

I'm so proud of this little man and I'm pretty proud of myself for not crying too much today; or at least in public. I can't wait to scrapbook these pictures!

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