So Many Carts, So Little Time

The Doodle's favorite thing in the whole wide world, besides his mom and the Wonder Pets, would be his beloved carts. He is fascinated with carts. He loves to walk around pushing them doing hot laps around our house. He now has six carts.

The Evolution of the Cart Boy
He has several carts but not because he is spoiled or overindulged, Heavens NO. It is because he has seriously worn the wheels off of his first two carts.

The cart was how he learned to walk and he has never given it up; he's our little cart junkie. Every day he needs a cart fix. We used to joke that he was either going to be a Mail Man or a Gardner when he grew up so that he could be pushing something around.

A highlight for his day is to go to Trader Joes where they offer the little kids shopping carts. Except for ramming the cart into people while we shop, it's a good thing. Unlike most kids, he does not like things to go inside the cart. Never put something in the Doodle's cart or it will immediately get thrown out; he will not tolerate things inside the cart.

Although he favors his little mail man carts with the envelopes, they don't much fit his size anymore. Little Tikes made them for 1 year olds, learning to walk. When he's pushing the mail man carts, he's all hunched over and I fear he will have back problems on top of everything else.

He has two shopping carts but his favorite one of those is this very wobbly and light plastic cart and with the seizures, it gives him no stability at all.

So for his 3rd birthday I bought him, can you guess?

Right, another cart. This makes #7. Except, this is the mother lode of all carts. It is an actual heavy-duty real metal shopping cart with big heavy wheels. It weighs about 10 pounds. I thought how brilliant of me. Now he can stand perfectly upright pushing this 10 pound cart around. So I gave it to him. And he couldn't have been happier. At first, he just stared at in disbelief. I know that if he could talk he would have turned to me and said, "Oh thank you Mommy, how did you know I've always wanted a 10 pound shiny metal cart such as this? You are the bomb."

He shrieked at the cart as he walked around it, inspecting it almost. And then he got busy pushing it. Every once in a while he would stop and get his little hands more comfortable on the new red grip. He just kept smiling at me. I was his Hero, The Cart Dealer. He knew he could always count on me for a "fix".

And then it happened. He was pushing it and had one of those awful head-drop seizures and fell to the floor. Not only did he fall but his brand new weighty shiny cart came crashing down on him. All ten sturdy and heavy pounds. Now I had really done it. Great idea on the cart.

So I had to take away the new cart and he didn't understand why I was penalizing him. If you ever want to see a sad and freaked out little Doodle all you have to do is take his cart away. I can see myself now punishing him when he's twelve, with his hunched over back, taking his cart from him yelling at him to Stand Up Straight.

Maybe there is a Cart Support Group I can get the Doodle signed up for before it's too late.

I've used the word cart in this post 25 times. Who thought anyone would ever have this much to say about carts?

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