The Doodle's Birthday Party

Today was a remarkable day.

Doodle Bug turned 3 and we had a little party for him. It was just close family and our new friends Jill and Peyton. It was a fun day and the perfect sunshine weather. The best part of the day was the Doodle was SEIZURE FREE! It's been 2 weeks since the big storm of seizures and I've been biting my cheek every day waiting for more. Today we were blessed with a perfect day. My mom was a tremendous help today and I am so very grateful to have her here. Thanks Mom, I love you and I would never give you away.

The Doodle loved his cake. He doesn't blow very well but he can sure do a raspberry to beat the band! So, instead of blowing he did raspberries. He kept trying to grab the candles, no sense that they might burn him. He liked that people sang to him and then clapped their hands at the end. He's a bit of a ham.

He's pretty exhausted right now, we broke out the jumpy for the kids and he had a ball. I think the cousins had fun too--they even played some baseball.

We never did our fire in the pit to make s'mores so now I have a ton of s'mores kits sitting here calling my name. Who's coming over for s'mores?

And, of course I had to have favors...

I'm glad we had the party afterall. It was a huge success.

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  1. I stole your picture, and posted it on my blog! Did you have copy rights?! Thanks for having us over. It was nice to get out of our cave! I am so happy it was a seizure free day! Happy Birthday, handsome boy!