Today we gave the Doodle a Playskool play garage. We like to give him things that he can play with on the floor because of the seizure activity. It's better when he's sitting down playing on the carpet than running around pushing his carts.

It is a two car garage and came with a Jeep Wrangler like ours, a trailer and a boat. It even has an automatic garage door opener. Coincidentally, the garage came only with a Dad guy.

No Mom.

There's a lawn mower, a basketball hoop, a hose, some trash for the trash can, a BBQ with steaks, and what else? A chainsaw. I did notice there was no beer.

When I told Jimmy I thought the garage was chauvinistic and after taking 15 minutes to explain what chauvinistic meant he came back and said, "We can get a Mom for the garage that is always telling the Dad to get in here and help with the Doodle."

The Doodle can relate to this obvious man cave where Daddy likes to hang out. The only thing missing would be some dirt bikes and a lot of junk the absent Mom's brought home from the flea market.

We taught the Doodle how to put Daddy in the hammock so that he can relax and take a nap when he's not sawing things with the chain saw. Of course the Doodle's favorite thing to do is open and close the garage doors.

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