Clean Up On Aisle Upstairs Bathroom

What a day.

Jimmy decided to finally take a shower. The one he takes once a week, whether he needs it or not. He usually, albeit infrequently, takes his showers downstairs in our bathroom. I told him today to try his own shower. I think he's only used it once. So to make my long story even longer....

I was downstairs visiting with the Doodle and one of his favorite visitors in the world, Betsy. All of a sudden we heard a crash and then screams from upstairs. It was Jimmy screaming so I ran as fast as I could upstairs to find him standing in the shower covered in glass and blood dripping everywhere. He was freaking out and screaming and I had no idea what to do or what had happened. There was glass everywhere, covering his bloody feet, all over the floor. It was a real nightmare. I kept yelling for him not to move.One of the glass shower doors had completely shattered. I didn't have shoes on but I walked over to him and lifted him out of the shower, he weighs 90 pounds and is over 5' tall, so my mother warrior super strength must have kicked in. I set him down on a towel and tried to assess the severity of the cuts. I carefully pulled little pieces of glass out from between his toes. His beautiful brown hair was still soapy.

All I could think about is how could this have happened? Then I remembered our shitty contractor cutting every corner he possibly could and a bell went off in my head. Yes.

Jimmy swears he was just sliding the door over with the palm of his hand--it's not like he has a ton of strength, he's only 9. It wasn't as if he slammed it or anything else, the entire glass door was in millions of tiny pieces. The weight of the glass falling on him is what cut him. He has many tiny little cuts and one pretty big one on his arm.

The whole time he's screaming, "I never want to take a shower again" and "Am I going to die?"

Thank God Betsy was there to sit and watch the Doodle while I dealt with the shattered shower door aftermath.

I put Jimmy into the bathtub and tried to wash the blood off so I could see how bad the cuts were. All I could see was blood all over his arms, legs, hands and feet. I didn't know yet if he needed to go to the emergency room.

He was still crying and now he was shaking.

All I could do was curse our cheap ass contractor.

Once the bleeding stopped and I was able to see the cuts, they were minor. Thank goodness. I guess my boy is just a bleeder. He was still crying and I could see that there were pieces of glass still in his cuts. I had no idea tempered glass could break into such tiny shards. I had to get a pair of tweezers and pull the glass out one piece at a time. You should know I am not good with blood and guts and have been known to pass out in places like the Veterinarian's office.

We bandaged him up and I did what any scared shitless mom might do. I kissed him and hugged him, told him how sorry I was and gave him an extra good behavior point out of guilt...

Never a dull moment.
On a brighter note, we have a Peacock. We don't own it, but it's been coming to visit. I'd take a picture and post it but it's a little camera shy. As beautiful as peacocks are, they have the loudest and shrillest voices ever. The peacock sounds a lot like our cat when she was in heat.

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