Kickin' Back Helmet Free

I cut, or should I say botched, the Doodle's hair tonight after his bath. Needless to say, there was screaming and squirming involved so it was not a thorough or professional job by any stretch. At least it will feel better for him and not get as sweaty in his helmet on these hot days.

Also, I might mention that I had a fun night at the movies tonight. A real grown up movie, not a cartoon or High School Musical sequel. I Saw The Proposal with my dear friend Jessica. It was nice to be out with a friend for a change. We've had a bunch of dates set to do things and something always comes up. Little things like life get in the way. I think I should make this happen more than once every six months though. I don't know who I enjoyed watching more, charming cutie pie Canadian Ryan Reynolds or aging-well with a fabulous figure fashionista Sandra Bullock. I think I might have a non-lesbian girl crush on her.

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  1. If that's the picture taken after the haircut, it's not bad. You should have seen what I did to my hair in high school. It looked like Hitler's littler moustache, right there on my forehead.

    Take care, you're doing a great job.